Apps with Purpose

A list of various Android applications developed, among other things.

OpenMail: Email on Android with Open Source Power!

On Google Play : Open Mail 100k+ Download

OpenMail [Apr 2018] :: Get ready to experience a cutting-edge email client that embraces the freedom of open source. OpenMail is a feature-rich application designed to handle multiple accounts, offering seamless support for POP3, IMAP, and Push IMAP protocols. Built on the foundations of the renowned K9-Mail, OpenMail takes the original concept to new heights.

Powered by the latest version, OpenMail 5.300-SNAPSHOT, this open source gem has emerged as a fork from the esteemed K-9 Mail. Maintaining the core principles of its predecessor, OpenMail presents a fresh perspective with a distinctive name, logo, and icon that effortlessly resonate with the essence of email communication.

Explore the immense possibilities of OpenMail as it continues to evolve. While still in its beta phase, this personal endeavor aims to enhance the original K-9 codebase with a range of exciting modifications. Stay tuned as future updates will bring even more functionalities and refinements to this exceptional Android Open Source Email App.

It’s important to note that OpenMail is not intended as a replacement for the beloved K-9 Mail app or a competitor to it. Instead, it stands as a unique and refreshing take on open source email clients, offering users a new level of customization and innovation. Join us on this incredible journey and unlock the true potential of email with OpenMail!

OpenSync: The Android App for Syncing Contacts and Calendars

On Google Play : Open Sync 100k+ Download

OpenSync [Apr 2017] :: Are you in search of a powerful tool to synchronize your contacts and calendars on your Android device? Look no further than OpenSync! As an open-source CalDAV/CardDAV sync app, OpenSync has been specifically designed and tested to seamlessly integrate with the Nextcloud Server. What’s more, it effortlessly integrates natively into your Android calendar and contact apps, making it a breeze to manage your important information.

OpenSync originated as a fork from the renowned open-source project DavDroid, which has now evolved into DAVx5. OpenSync itself was built upon DavDroid Version, ensuring a solid foundation for reliable syncing.It is licensed under the GPLv3, just like DavDroid.

OpenSync is my personal endeavor to develop an Android app for CalDAV/CardDAV specifically tailored for Nextcloud, the server I use. While it is currently in the beta stage with some basic modifications from the original DavDroid code, Please note that OpenSync is not intended to replace the original DavDroid app or compete with it; rather, it offers an alternative option for users who appreciate its unique features.

If you find OpenSync to be a valuable addition to your Android experience, I encourage you to support the development of DAVdroid (the original app). Consider making a donation to DAVdroid, now known as DAVx5, or purchasing it from the Google Play Store.

In the development of OpenSync, certain components have been outsourced into separate libraries, all based on the original DavDroid project. These include: * cert4android custom certificate management * dav4android WebDAV/CalDav/CardDAV framework * ical4android iCalendar processing and Calendar Provider access * vcard4android VCard processing and Contacts Provider access

To further enhance OpenSync’s functionality, several third-party libraries have been utilized, building upon the foundations laid by the original DavDroid project. These libraries include: * dnsjava BSD License * ez-vcard New BSD License * iCal4j New BSD License * okhttp Apache License, Version 2.0 * Project Lombok MIT License

CloudDrive: Your Seamless Storage Solution

On Google Play : CloudDrive 500k+ Download

CloudDrive [Apr 2017] is an open-source WebDav client and cloud storage syncing application designed to handle all your data. With CloudDrive, you can effortlessly access and share documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, photos, and videos directly from your Android device. This app has been extensively tested with NextCloud Server and offers support for instant uploads of photos and videos taken with your device. Additionally, it provides offline storage capabilities for your files.

CloudDrive is a fork of the open-source NextCloud Android App, specifically version 1.4.2, available at You can find the source code for CloudDrive at, and it is licensed under the GPLv2 License, just like the NextCloud Android App.

Please note that CloudDrive is currently in beta, and I have made some basic modifications to the original NextCloud Android App code. I intend to invest more time in enhancing this app in the future. However, it’s important to clarify that CloudDrive is not intended to replace the original NextCloud app or compete with it.

The primary motivation behind forking the NextCloud Android App was to address a discrepancy that many of my users experienced. While promoting Nextcloud’s open-source server, which offers comprehensive desktop and browser features, they found that the NextCloud Android App lacked these same functionalities. This discrepancy caused frustration among users who expected the same level of functionality in the app as in the browser version. Although NextCloud’s browser-based version performs well on mobile devices, it ultimately falls short of providing a native app experience. Upon realizing that the NextCloud Android App focused solely on file storage and drive features (at least for now, as NextCloud might have future plans), I decided to retain the same code base and rebrand it as CloudDrive, emphasizing its purpose as a NextCloud storage access app. This way, users will associate CloudDrive exclusively with storage functionality and not expect other features beyond that.

Soothing Sounds — the ultimate Android app for tranquility on the go!

On Google Play : Soothing Sounds 100+ Download

Soothing Sounds [Sep 2020] :: Immerse yourself in a world of peaceful melodies and calming rhythms that will transport you to serene landscapes and help you find inner balance.

With Soothing Sounds, you can escape the chaos of everyday life and enter a realm of relaxation and serenity. Choose from a variety of carefully curated ambient compositions, including gentle raindrops, soothing piano melodies, and tranquil nature sounds. Each sound experience is designed to melt away stress and bring a sense of peace to your mind and soul.

The app is easy to use, with a simple interface that allows you to navigate effortlessly. Browse through curated soundscapes to match your mood and needs. Whether you’re meditating, practicing yoga, or simply unwinding after a long day, Soothing Sounds is the perfect companion to help you find tranquility wherever you are.

Rediscover the power of music as it uplifts your spirit and calms your mind. Soothing Sounds is your sanctuary of peace, offering a melodic embrace that helps you relax and rejuvenate. Experience the transformative effects of harmonious melodies and embark on a journey to inner serenity with Soothing Sounds — where every sound is a soothing lullaby for your soul.

Gravity Ball — Dodge, Collect, Conquer – Master the Gravity Ball.

On Google Play : Gravity Ball 100+ Download

Gravity Ball [Oct 2020] :: Get ready for an exhilarating experience with the captivating Gravity Ball Android Game App! Take control of the gravity-altering ball and navigate through a dynamic world.

Your mission? Safeguard the ball from perilous collisions with an array of challenging obstacles, all while collecting sparkling diamonds to fuel your success. Stay sharp, stay focused, and let the gravity-defying adventure begin!

Corporate App: Techno Group

On Google Play : Techno Group

Techno Group App – [Apr 2021] Your gateway to extraordinary Realty Projects. Explore architectural brilliance, captivating designs, and unmatched craftsmanship. Discover your dream home with just a tap. Techno Group is a three-decade old well-established Group of repute, having diversified interests in Realty, hospitality and Financial Services.

Corporate App: ClubEmerald BackOffice (CEBO) App

On Google Play : ClubEmerald BackOffice

ClubEmerald BackOffice (CEBO) [Oct 2016] is a dedicated system utilized by the internal staff of ClubEmerald Chembur, Mumbai office for effectively managing banquet and event information. It serves as a comprehensive solution tailored for the specific needs of the office, enabling efficient handling of all relevant data.

Corporate App: ClubEmerald App

On Google Play : ClubEmerald

The Club Emerald App [Apr 2021] is your go-to for everything Club Emerald in Mumbai. Stay updated on facilities, membership details, events, offers, and more. Easily book rooms and inquire about banquets. Enhance your membership experience with this convenient and informative app. Download now and make the most of Club Emerald.