Life at Work

As the Director & CTO at TechnoInfotech, in Mumbai,India, My mission is to harness the limitless potential of Open Source solutions, crafting them into tailored and dynamic experiences that cater to the unique needs of businesses and customers alike. I thrive on the challenge of optimizing concurrent loads per second, orchestrating the perfect harmony between software and hardware to achieve unmatched performance.

Throughout my career, I have fearlessly delved into diverse realms ranging from web servers, databases, and mail solutions to Virtualization, Private Cloud, and Software-Defined-Storage, seamlessly deploying these crucial elements for numerous companies. The satisfaction of witnessing businesses thrive with the solutions I create is truly unmatched.

My skill set encompasses the intricate worlds of Business & IT Architecture, empowering me to design and develop enterprise-class IT Infra-Setup to Applications that stand head and shoulders above the competition. I am a firm believer in the power of Open Source Solution Development & Deployment, revolutionizing industries and unlocking untapped potential.

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