Cloud Drive App

CloudDrive ia a Open Source WebDav Client/Cloud Storage Syncing App for all your data. Access & share your files like Documents,Spreadsheet,PDFs,Photos, Videos from your android device. Its has been tested with NextCloud Server. It support Instant Upload for photos and videos taken by your device. Its Also Support Offline Storage for Files too.

Its a fork of OpenSource NextCloud Android App.

Forked from NextCloud Android App Version 1.4.2

CloudDrive Source code is at

Its licensed under the GPLv2 License. same as NextCloud Android App.

Its still Beta from my side as its some basic changes to orginal code of NextCloud Android App. Would try to find time to add more into this app. This is noway to replace orginal NextCloud app or compete with them.

One of the main reason to fork NextCloud Android App was , whenever I promoted Nextcloud OpenSource server with all desktop/browser features ..same features was not on NextCloud Android App. that irritated many of my users. They had excepted whole browser version detail in App. while Browseri-based NextCloud on mobile works good; but we know its not an App experience at the end of the day.

I came to know that App is only giving File-storage/Drive features only (as of now; might be NextCloud has more future plans). So went with new name all same code of NextCloud. as CloudDrive (NextCloud Storage access app). so that users now know ClouldDrive means only Storage and no other functions.