I am driven by passion for Open Source technologies and related emerging platforms.

Currently as a Director & CTO at TechnoInfotech, driving the Technical innovation & development to offer the best open source solution for business & customers.

With key interest in concurrent load per second with best utilization of hardware for many application. Have got deployed web servers , databases, mail-solution for many companies for millions of users & Hits too.

Specialties: Business & IT Architecture, Enterprise Class Web Application, Open Source Solution Development & Deployment.

My Linkedin Profile : https://linkedin.com/in/deependhulla

Education Qualifications:

  • Certification in Computer Network & Internet Application from IIT Kharagpur. In April 1999 with II Class.

  • Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware System Engineer from BITS Computer Education. In 1997 with 77.90%.

  • Licentiate in Advanced Electronics & Video Servicing from Maharashtra State vocational Board. Mumbai. In 1996 with 77.16%.

  • H.S.C. (M.C.V.C. in Electronics) from Maharashtra State Vocational Board. Mumbai. In 1996 with 70.83%. Standing 1st in Shri.V.S.Gurukul Tech. High School. An been Awarded for Ranking 1st in Ghatkopar by Lions club of Ghatkopar.

  • Licentiate in Electronics & Radio Servicing from Maharashtra State Vocational Board. Mumbai. In 1995 with 80.33%.

  • S.S.C. from Maharashtra State Board. Mumbai. In March 1994 with 72.71%

Other Activates:

  • Certification in Digital Marketing from Manipal Global Education Services in October 2015.

  • Stood 3rd in the Greater-Bombay North Section Science Exhibition. (N-Ward). In Dec. 1993 for Working-model Project of "Space Shuttle".

  • Certification from Industrial Engineering Institute (Thane) In July 1994 for "Electric Wireman" & "Electrician".

  • Nehru Science Centre Certificate for participating in Vacation Creative Ability Centre in the Discipline of

    • "Chemistry" In May 1992.
    • "Aeromodelling" In May 1993.
    • "Telescope Making" In May 1993.
    • "Electronics" In May 1994.
  • Passing Certificate for Dr.Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Competition. In 1992-93(Sr.) by The Greater-Bombay Science Teacher's Association.

  • Having Passed Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination In 1991 with Grade "C".

  • Present work area: From May 2002 till dated. Working as Director, Chief Technical Officer (C.T.O) at TechnoInfotech A Div. of Technofinvestrade (I) Pvt. Ltd. 2nd Floor, Manu Mansion, S.B.S Road, Fort, Mumbai. India - 400 001. http://www.technoinfotech.com

  • Earlier Jobs: From July 2001 to May 2002. Worked as System Administrator (Also providing Development and Support for Linux) at Puretech Internet Pvt. Ltd. 77, Atlanta, Nariman Point. Mumbai - 400 021

    From Feb 2001 to June 2001 Worked as Webmaster (Maintaining and Support for Linux with Apache, MySQL, Tomcat) at Zee Interactive Learning System Limited. Corporate Office, Chintamani Plaza, 4th Floor, Off Andheri Kurla Rd, Andheri East Mumbai-400 099

    From November 1998 to November 2000 Worked as Customer Support Engineer and Sr. Web-developer. at Carware Systems and Services. A/4,Nootan Nagar, Turner Road, Bandra (W). Mumbai-400 050.

    From 1996 to 1998, 2 Years experiences Worked as Service Engineer. (Field Engineer for Hardware & Networking) at Softchip Consultants Colaba, Mumbai.

My Work Experience in details: - With TechnoInfotech. Visit company about section http://www.technoinfotech.com/about.php for better understanding.

  • With Puretech Internet Pvt. Ltd.

    • Bandwidth Management Tool Development and Implementation of Bandwidth Management Tool. It featured like managing Internet and Network Bandwidth based on Rules, Groups/Sub-Groups. Rules including Bandwidth control to fine level of Assigning Bandwidth based on Source IP Address and Port to Destination IP and Port with Time based Bandwidth Allocation. Bounded, Priority and many more features. It also included fine details reporting of bandwidth utilization and Real Time Traffic Reporting too. This was based on Linux Kernel Features. It is programmed in C, PERL, and Shell Scripts.
    • Mail Server with Antivirus Interation. Mail Server on Linux with Macfee Antivirus integrated. So that any Incoming and Outgoing emails are scanned for Virus. And Stop from being delivered if Virus found and with Auto-Update and Reporting features.
    • Proxy Server with Natting, Content, User, IP and Time Access Control. Proxy server with Cache Management and Natting on Linux with Content Filtering, User Authentication Based, Computer IP Based Restriction, Time based Browsing Access. All this with Web-Based Control and Detailed - Reporting of Surfing.
    • FireWall, Gateway and Router Setup. Linux based Firewall Setup With Details System Reporting like failed Logins, Unwanted event fired on server with Admin Rights, Unwanted/Restricted Ports, Users or Services tried to access. Auto Deny of Access and alerting for Live Attacks to System. Gateway and Router Setting for multiple Network and Routing Management. Such as two or more network connection, Internet Routing and Gateway Setup. More than one Lease Lines on server for Auto SwitchOver of Routing and Gateways during fail-overs.
    • File Server with Auto Backup System. Linux based File Server for MS-Windows Network and Unix Network. Having User/Group/Computer Wise restriction to Folders. Auto Schedule Full and Incremental Backup to other System/Hard-Drive/Tapes. Auto Schedule Backups of Desktop PCs Data Folders
    • Other Server Setup such as DNS, DHCP, Apache ,Resin ,Tomcat Server Setups with Web-Based Controls for Configuration.
    • Web-Based Project Management Tool Management of different projects based on Team Members and Leaders. -Web-Based GoupWare Calendar for Scheduling with email alerts, ToDo and Notes Management, User/Group, Category/Sub-Category Management for each section of GroupWare. Web-Bookmark Management. POP3/IMAP WebMail Integrated. Comics and News Integration. Address-Book / Contact Management. Inventory and HR Management Integration. Project Management Integrated.
    • Web-Based Global AutoReply Management. Setting Global Auto-Reply Messages for emails for holidays and events for corporate and regional/factory offices.
    • Web-Based Linux Management Tool. Total Control of Server from one Web-Based Admin Tool. It Includes Hardware/ Network / Services and other Admin Tools Integration. Web-Based E-Commerce Server Management Full Contents, Templates, Product, and Prices Management. Based on Red-Hat E-Com Products.
    • Web-Based Mail Client. Based on IMAP Linux Server. Managing Folders/Sub-Folders. SPAM Control. Address Book. Take of Addresses while viewing Messages. Message Filters, Search, Fetching Mails from Other POP3 Accounts. Sorting, Themes, Display Orders and Refresh Settings. New-Mail Notification with Audio. Spell Check and many more features.
  • With Zee Interactive Learning System Limited. As webmaster maintaining 10 Web-sites on Online Server and on Intranet Server. Installation of IBM X320 Server with RedHat Linux 6.2 Enterprise Server Optimized for Oracle 8i.Also Installation of Oracle 8I on Linux Server. Providing Support for JAVA, JSP, Servlet and Database like MySQL and Oracle. Providing Solution and Guideline for better development and management of Websites. Providing Technical Support for Office Network, WinProxy Proxy and MDemon Mail Servers. Providing Technical Support to external customers like UTIISL for Elearning Setup.

  • With Careware Systems & Services As Customer Support Engineer and Sr. Web-Developer,
    • Customer Support Engineer Worked as Customer Support Engineer at UNIT TRUST OF INDIA INVESTOR SERVICES LTD. Anderi Mumbai. Setup of SCO UnixWare 7 on IBM Netfinty 5500 with RAID 0 & RAID 5. Installed at UTIISL, Andheri. Red Hat Linux Server (4 Servers) for a Extranet having 4 modem, Apache Web Server, Sendmail Mail Server, DNS Server, DHCP Server and Firewall Setup. Maintaining the 66 Network-computers & 26 printers, 5 print server, 1 Novell server & 1 SCO UnixWare Server at UTIISL.
    • Sr. Web-Developer Development of Test24Hour.com Test24Hour.com was an online tests web-site. This site was basically for students who want to practice themselves and want to improve their studies. On the site there are various tutorials and tests for normal school level student to college and higher-level. Student has to register on the site and his/her profile is created on site. After which he/she can take various tests & tutorials. While site also offers for teachers to create tests and tutorials for normal visiting students or their select students (i.e. public or private mode). it was based on RedHat Linux, PERL Programming, Java Applets, and DHTML. Total Site is based on Dynamic Content.it had its own Web-Administration with Content Management.
  • With SoftChip Consultants As A Field Service Engineer for Hardware & Networking Support. Deployment of Various Network and Network Servers for Various Client. Clients Included like Indocean, Tolani Shipping, Sai Shipping, Powerica and many more. Server and Network Setup. Microsoft SBS server having MS Exchange server for Internal Mail & connecting to Internet Mail Server. MS Proxy Server for Internet sharing with Firewall & RAS setup on PSTN & ISDN lines. Even Modem Spool on network for remote operation of modem on network. Novell Netware 3.12 Server with Diskless Node. Servicing and Repairing of Monitors, Printers and SMPS.